Why Linxx?

A revenue tracking tool built for revenue-conscious leaders just like you.

Our team has managed the revenue engine for over 20 companies from early-stage startups to hyper growth unicorns and we realized one thing – if you are able to cut the blame game within departments, measure the outputs and sprinkle some forward-looking modeling within your revenue engine, then everyone wins.

Linxx has been engineered from the ground up to do just that. By ensuring that what you do each day actually delivers, and in a way that adds value to the bottom line, Linxx can help you stop the finger pointing between marketing and sales and get everyone focused on a common goal.

With the Linxx platform managing your revenue streams, you can instantly see the breakdown of how each of your departments is on track to hit the company number so there are no nasty surprises. It’s the only tool on the market to spot breakages in the revenue funnel and predict their bottom-line impact, giving you the NOW and the FUTURE in real time – from the very first campaign and beyond.